Artist. Portrait Painter. Visionary.

I paint all kinds of S#*%



Dreaming in Paint, dreaming in colors

I want to paint it all, I want to paint what captivates, I want to paint love, I want to paint laughter, I want to paint you.  I want to paint you as the individual that you are, so let's grab a slice.

Hardly able to sit still, and constantly afraid I will miss out on a monumental life-changing occurrence. I've been chasing feelings and experiences for as long as I can breath. Painting liberates me in a calm & serene kind of way.
A freedom I cannot express in words. 


Born downtown Montreal, raised by a single mother Jeremy Xavier Lefebvre (AKA PI$$A Boi) has constantly been on the moving chasing the next thrill, longboarding across Canada, starting an infamous comedy ukulele metal band, working in film & Television but a dream of his mother painting in the sunroom kept stirring him in his slumber. "You can keep running after the next shiniest thing but eventually, it takes its toll on you. The chase never ends..." He’d always been near when she painted her replicas of great masterpieces by Manet, and Monet, and Renoir. Jeremy is now a Canadian painter known for his impressionistic style paintings of chaos or overcrowded animals and colourful Portraits. 

Jeremy was dubbed The Pi$$a Boi in the summer of 2015 after a few drinks with friends and Pizza over at a studio began photo session madness throughout the summer. He is known for hosting entertaining and debaucherous’ events, which he then takes key moments to create his works of art. Observing human & animal behaviour, Lefebvre brings energy to his paintings, by creating various collections of raw tension, desire, pure debauchery. The moods captured from nightlife to serene scenes depict a search for more; a story to be told in every painting.

Working in the world of filmmaking and photography, he hopes to mix more and more into his paintings. PI$$A Boi is a multidisciplinary artist who is constantly on the move and thriving on new projects to bring to life so that in turn he can find key moments to paint and continue the cycle.


A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.



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Vancouver, BC


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